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In order to make your experience on our website as enjoyable as possible, we use cookies to present our product range. These are small text files that are sent to your browser cache and therefore stored locally on your device. They can remain in the system for a few hours (session cookies) or up to a few years (persistent cookies), although profiling cookies can only be stored for up to 365 calendar days.

We use cookies to record your preferences and other technical data semi-permanently, in order to make your browsing experience easier and more user-friendly, and to help our website work smoothly. For example, we use cookies to remember your settings and preferences so we know when you’re navigating our websites, and to share new content or preserve your “login” information. For your protection, only the cookies stored on your computer are identified.

Types of Cookies
This website uses four different types of cookies:

1. Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are essential for the site to work properly. They allow you to do things like move from page to page and share our content; they also remember your login credentials to speed up access to our site and keep your preferences and credentials active while you’re browsing. Without these cookies, we can’t provide all the services you are looking for when you access the site.

2. Statistics and performance cookies
These cookies collect information about how you use our website, so we can analyse and improve functions and introduce content that best meet the needs of our users, like which pages you visit and which links you click on. They also count the number of visitors to the site, the average time users spend on the site and how users get to our site. This lets us know what is working well and where we can improve, and it also makes sure the pages load quickly and are displayed correctly. None of this information can be used to identify you. It is all aggregated and, therefore, anonymized. We use third-party services to carry out these functions in our sites. They anonymize the data so they cannot identify any single individual. Any services that are not fully anonymized are listed in the third-party cookies, where you can refuse your consent in order to protect your privacy.

3. Profiling cookies for marketing and advertising
These cookies help us to deliver advertising that is relevant to you and to your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see the same ad, and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.
The ads on LifeGate S.p.a. are inserted by a number of our external partner advertising websites where you can buy products or services that we feature on our site. When you click on a link, we may earn a commission, which helps us to fund our services and their technological development. These cookies may also be used to show you relevant ads on other websites you visit.
The set cookies may change at any time on the basis of the advertisers’ strategies and those of their technical representatives. So, instead of listing the cookies, we have listed the names of the companies that can advertise on our sites.

4. Third-party functional and profiling cookies
This category includes both cookies provided by known partners of LifeGate S.p.a. and cookies provided by third parties that are not directly controlled or controllable by LifeGate.
Cookies from our partners enable us to deliver advanced features, more information, and personalised functions. This includes the possibility of sharing content through social networks, and accessing video streaming services and the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) where we host our content. These services are mainly provided by external operators that LifeGate S.p.a. has engaged or intentionally embedded. If you have an account or use the services of these companies on other websites, they may know that you have visited our websites. The use of data collected from these external companies through cookies is covered by their privacy policies, so these cookies are identified by the names of the respective companies and listed in the cookie management tool available in the specific section of this Cookie Policy. These include cookies set by the main social networks, which enable you to share articles from our sites and publicly express your appreciation of our work.
Cookies that do not originate from LifeGate S.p.a. partners are cookies sent by third parties without the control of LifeGate S.p.a., which means they can also track you when you’re browsing non-LifeGate sites. These are typically profiling cookies, and because we do not directly control them, we don’t know for certain how the third parties will use the data collected.

How to Manage Cookies
If you’re uncertain or concerned about cookies, you can change the privacy settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance. Alternatively, you can change your cookie preferences on the tool we provide in this Cookie Policy.
Since every browser—and often different versions of the same browser—is unique, if you want to change individual settings, you will need browser-specific information to alter your preferences. For an overview of browser-specific information, visit
Advertising companies also allow you to opt out of receiving targeted ads, if you prefer. This does not stop the companies from setting cookies, but it prevents them from using and collecting some data.
For more information and the possibility of opting out, visit
To simplify your choices and to comply with applicable regulations, LifeGate S.p.a. has a consent management tool where you can selectively enable or disable individual cookies that LifeGate S.p.a. controls or can control.
The tool lists all the cookies we manage or intentionally host, by category.

Accepting and rejecting cookies
If you continue to navigate this site by closing the cookie banner or clicking on any part of the page, or scrolling down to highlight additional content, you agree to the Cookie Policy of LifeGate S.p.a., which will set and collect cookies. If you decide to reject the use of cookies by leaving the page, any cookies already stored locally on your browser will remain there, but will no longer be read or used by LifeGate S.p.a. until you decide to agree to the Cookie Policy. See the “How to Manage Cookies” section to find out how to remove those cookies from your browser, or use the LifeGate S.p.a. consent management tool.

Agreeing to and denying consent for the processing of your personal data
The updated list of the Data Processors referred to in this policy statement may be consulted at the registered office of LifeGate S.p.a. in via Manzoni, 18 22046 Merone (CO); you can exercise your rights under Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 by sending a specific letter to the above address, or an email to