Since 2000, LifeGate has been promoting a sustainable and responsible lifestyle that respects nature and individuals.


Network and Multi-channel Capability

LifeGate disseminates sustainable values and behaviours through a dedicated information site, our registered newspaper, operated by an in-house editorial staff of professional journalists, and available in Italian and in English for an international audience.

Sponsored products

Thanks to their professionalism and specific expertise, LifeGate journalists help clients – companies, organisations, associations and consortiums – to communicate their content and values linked to products, initiatives and events with tailor-made strategies.

Native Projects

LifeGate’s strategy includes the possibility of collaborating on the design and writing of two native formats, completely dedicated to the brand, its circulation and its promotion.

Success Stories

Rigoni di Asiago editorial project

An editorial project that has been seamlessly integrated into LifeGate’s media channels.
The collaborative effort began in 2016 and continues annually through digital and social publishing communication activities focused on the company’s priorities.

Monini, a communication campaign

A communication campaign, a press tour and a competition: these are the elements of the strategy that LifeGate developed to showcase the sustainable commitment of Monini and tell the story of the brand values.

Lario Reti and respecting the environment

Using a photography competition to explain the commitment to environmentally-friendly water management was the winning strategy for Lario Reti Holding.

Seeds&Chips is the heir to the success of Expo 2015.

How can you communicate the themes of sustainable agriculture and innovation in the food industry to a broad audience? With an all-encompassing communication strategy.