LifeGate became a benefit corporation in 2017. It is viewed as the hallmark of sustainability



LifeGate became a benefit corporation in 2017. It is viewed as the hallmark of sustainability, with a community of over 5 million people interested in and passionate about sustainability issues.


Many people think of sustainability as an urgent necessity, while for others it is primarily an obligation. We believe that environmental and human sustainability constitutes a genuine lifestyle, it defines our approach to the world, centred around social awareness and concrete actions.

Our History

LifeGate was established in 2000 as a result of the experience gained by the Roveda family in the 1980s with Fattoria Scaldasole, the first company in Italy to introduce an organic product to major retailers. Ever since then, our goal has been to work towards a fair and sustainable world where circularity is as much a part of the future as friendship and love.

Media Kit

LifeGate Media Kit, è la Press room dedicata a tutti i materiali dell’azienda. qui è possibile trovare in formato scaricabile tutto il materiale informativo dell’azienda.

Success Stories

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines takes the environment seriously

How can we convey the commitment of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to the environment, engage and raise public awareness and heighten the brand’s values? In our strategy we have shown what a global airline can do for the planet.

The challenge to improve Vibram’s approach to sustainability

Vibram is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of rubber soles for high-tech footwear designed for outdoor sports and activities. The company made the decision to improve its global approach to sustainability with processes and products that respect the planet, and reported this commitment to sustainability and green choices to its stakeholders.

Rigoni di Asiago editorial project

An editorial project that has been seamlessly integrated into LifeGate’s media channels.
The collaborative effort began in 2016 and continues annually through digital and social publishing communication activities focused on the company’s priorities.

Kia Motors

What could we do to improve the sustainable positioning of Kia Motors Italia and raise awareness about sustainable mobility? The successful approach consists of getting really young people on board.