Since 2000 we have been the only agency in Europe to prioritise sustainability.


Advisory and Strategy

Since 2000, LifeGate has supported the People Planet and Profit business model, which underpins our approach and treats sustainability as a driver for development.

Sustainability Reporting

LifeGate facilitates the preparation of sustainability performance reporting, supporting organisations to collect data, write the report and maximise their internal and external communication.

Brand communication

We are convinced that successful Brands have opted to take a stand and consider sustainability as a competitive advantage, a permanent asset to build ideas that allow them to forge a special relationship with their target audience.

Data & technology

LifeGate is exploring the analysis of cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental contexts linked to the identification of the sustainability megatrends.

Content production & Tools

Sustainable communication expertise, the main legacy of Fattoria Scaldasole, is a key competence of LifeGate, and translates into the production of different types of text, graphic and multimedia content.

Success Stories

The challenge to improve Vibram’s approach to sustainability

Vibram is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of rubber soles for high-tech footwear designed for outdoor sports and activities. The challenge for the company was to improve its overall approach to sustainability.

KME Italy has been a leading manufacturer of copper products for decades

KME Italy has been a leading manufacturer of copper and copper alloy products for decades, and it decided to turn the circular economy into an asset. A top-level executive training project has improved the company’s positioning.

A study supported by Culligan

Culligan’s support of a study of bottled water consumption by Italians, conducted by a major research institute, has demonstrated the company’s commitment and standing, and improved its market positioning.

The IKEA communication strategy

The comprehensive communication strategy, developed by LifeGate for IKEA has enabled the brand to convey its values and commitment to sustainability to a vast community concerned about environmental issues.