Sustainability is the watchword for more and more people and companies across the world


Corporate Training

A program designed for companies that want to spread awareness inside and outside the company, conveying the importance of sustainability, defined in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), expressed through strategic actions and orientations, and case studies of sustainable companies, and interpreted by inspiring personalities and ambassadors.

Master programs

Training for senior managers to deepen their knowledge of sustainability in the business world, its advantages, Italian and international success stories broken down by type of industry, and the new consumer.


Learning about sustainability through play, with all the information needed to become climate protection heroes, from the sustainability narrative told by fictional characters to young activists who change the world (Boyan Slat, William Kamkwamba, Topher White, Greta Thumberg).

Success Stories

Kia Motors

What could we do to improve the sustainable positioning of Kia Motors Italia and raise awareness about sustainable mobility? The successful approach consists of getting really young people on board.


Educating employees regarding the company’s sustainable policies and raising their awareness about key issues, such as the protection of the seas and climate change: for Adidas, a targeted event organised by the LifeGate editorial staff was the winning strategy.