We develop strategic projects around sustainability and social impact.

Why LifeGate

Consulting, Communication, Energy. LifeGate’s services to help companies navigate a path to sustainability.
LifeGate was established in 2000 by Marco Roveda, who pioneered organic products with Fattoria Scaldasole, and it is now one of the world’s go-to organisations when it comes to sustainability.

With its specialist team, LifeGate supports companies in their path towards sustainable development through the new business model called “People, Planet and Profit”, offering advice in the fields of sustainability, communication, and renewable energy.

LifeGate works with companies as they find their sustainable positioning, it helps them connect with the new generations with concrete environmental and social projects, helping to build a better future.

And through a communication network (LifeGate.it, LifeGate Radio, social media, newsletters, mobile app, etc.), LifeGate engages with a community of more than fifty million people, to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability: what is it and how to achieve it

The concept of sustainability must be pursued as part of a long, sustained process. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

Sustainable development
In 1987, the UN’s World Commission for Environment and Development (WCED), published the “Brundtland Report”, which defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. This means encouraging economic growth that improves the quality of life while respecting the ecosystem. The benchmark for this is the circular economy, where resources are reused and recycled as much as possible to avoid exploiting new resources and no unnecessary waste is produced. This contrasts with today’s dominant linear economy, where raw materials are exploited until they end up as waste.

Sustainability: environmental and social
Sustainability encompasses both respect for humans (social sustainability) and protection of the environment (environmental sustainability). Consumers are becoming much more sophisticated, attentive to social, technological and economic change. In recent years, the concept of shared responsibility has become widespread, and people are focusing more and more on sustainability. This has triggered new industrial processes, while environmental issues have become increasingly important in purchasing decisions.

Sustainability is the key for organisations
Environmental and economic sustainability, efficiency and communication, all generate profitable opportunities for the company. Sustainability is the key to:
– creating a solid and credible image; – building a healthy business in the long term; – gaining access to investment capital; – reducing costs; – accessing new markets; – managing risk in the best possible way; – having efficient and satisfied employees; – saving the planet.
LifeGate helps companies develop positioning strategies in sustainability.

What we do

Ours is a unique vehicle in Italy, perfect for all organisations that want to promote products or services associated with sustainability.

LifeGate was established in 2000 by Marco Roveda, who pioneered organic products with Fattoria Scaldasole, and it is now one of the world’s go-to organisations for sustainable development. We support companies as they develop and implement sustainable development strategies through the new business model called “People, Planet and Profit”. At LifeGate, we deliver consulting services, communication projects and clean energy.

LifeGate’s work with businesses is backed by a communication network engaging and informing a community of more than fifty million contacts. This unique vehicle in Italy is set up to assist all organisations that intend to promote sustainable products and services. With unique expertise and authority in environmental and social fields.


LifeGate sets the bar for sustainability, with fifteen years of experience in the field of sustainability and in concrete, innovative environmental projects.

LifeGate came into being in 2000 as a community forum and frame of reference to spread awareness and a new vision of sustainability based on the “People, Planet and Profit” business model. It is now the recognised go-to organisation for sustainability, with fifteen years of experience, the background of its founders, the leader in media focusing on all things green, in sustainability consulting and in concrete, innovative environmental projects.

The work of LifeGate with business organisations is backed by a communication network (LifeGate.it, LifeGate and Sound, social media, newsletters, mobile apps, etc) to engage and keep informed a community of more than 5 million contacts. This activity began in 2000 with the lifegate.it information portal and continued in 2001 with the launch of LifeGate Radio and in 2002 with LifeGate Magazine. This idea earned LifeGate the 2002 Premio Cenacolo Rcs, a prestigious Italian prize for innovation in publishing.

In that same year, it launched Zero Impact ®, the first carbon offsetting project in Italy that puts into practice the intents of the Kyoto Protocol: calculating, reducing and offsetting CO2 emitted as a result of human action.

In 2004, LifeGate won the Packaging Oscar (Environment) with Confruit and Vivi G Bio, the certified, Zero Impact ® Tetra Pak beverage carton. The Packaging Oscar is awarded by the Italian Packaging Consortium (CONAI).

LifeGateEnergy was established in 2005, the first electricity supplier recognised by the Italian Energy Authority to generate and sell exclusively renewable energy with Zero Impact ®. The importance of this service was recognised nationally in 2007 when it won the fifth Sodalitas Social Award for “Product or service innovation”.

The division entirely dedicated to offering consultancy to companies interested in integrating the People Planet Profit model into their business was launched in 2006. The division continued to grow and evolve until in 2013 it became LifeGate Consulting, the consulting company that assists companies as they transition to full sustainability.

In 2011, LifeGate was selected as publishing partner for the environmental field by corriere.it, the site of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading daily newspaper.

In 2010, Marco Roveda, president and founder of LifeGate became a member of the Worldshift 20 Council (WS20). He is still the only Italian representative on the WS20. The WS20 is a worldwide ethical council, established with the goal of raising the awareness of our planet’s leaders and public opinion of the issues of ethics and sustainability. In 2011, he received the A Forest for Kyoto international award from the Italian environmental organisation Accademia Kronos in the “Enterprise and Environment” category.


LifeGate interacts with a community of over five million contacts that is sensitive to and informed about sustainability issues.

One of the most effective and environmentally-friendly ways of interacting is through digital communications. LifeGate uses multiple instruments to interact with more than 5 million contacts.

The LifeGate community is predominantly made up of consumers living in central and northern Italy, mainly between the ages of 30 and 55 years (87%), chiefly female (66%), and with a high level of education (51% university graduates). 27 per cent of the community comes from large cities (with a population of more than 350,000), a figure that is 3 times the national average; it is also interesting to note that 22% say they are vegetarians, a percentage that is more than 3 times the national average.

Despite being complex and heterogeneous, this community is united by shared values and similar interests that appear to transcend generations, birthplaces, and gender differences.

These consumers are aware, attentive and informed; their values and choices in life are at the heart of their purchasing power, and they pay close attention to corporate actions when it comes to production and delivery of services. They are willing to change their minds about goods and services companies if those companies demonstrate their firm, clear intention to operate with respect for people and the environment.

They focus a great deal on corporate identity and actively look for information about product origins so they can make informed purchases, especially through new generation digital tools.


LifeGate delivers dedicated services to SMEs and multinationals, offering all the know-how, expertise and passion of its experts.

Identify the path that is the best fit for your identity. Take notice of and embrace stakeholder input. Develop awareness and responsibility inside the company. Propose innovation as a strength.

To support companies in the pursuit of these goals, LifeGate Consulting relies on a network of over one hundred professionals, consolidated know-how in all areas of sustainability, a team of scientific experts in CSR and communications, and a recognised brand.